Friday, July 13, 2007

day 1: bring on the madness...

the bridge got onstage and got the crowd amped- here's the list:

"Good Rhythm"
"Further to Room"
"Dirtball Blues"
"Drop the Bear"
"Easy Jane"
"Heavy Water"
"When I'm Kissing My Love" (cover of the original by Bill Withers)
"Clear Rock"
"Brother Don't" Batiste Jr. of PBS just said as the band got off the stage "it's all good in the hood, y'all. ya dig?" the band did the meters proud, bringing their funky N'awlins sound and getting the crowd up and dancing.

also, i just ran into the people from - definitely check out the site. they're doing some interesting things over there, including streaming all the shows as they go down live from their website.



OnlyRumors said...

Did you get any photos of my home town boys?


vinylTASTIC said...

i personally didn't but i'm sure one of the photographers did... i have live tracks to throw up- we're working on that as i write this.