Sunday, July 15, 2007

day 2: all the freaky people make the beauty of the world: michael franti pt. 2

the entire mountainside was filled with all goodians yesterday around 9- they were waiting for Spearhead to take the stage and fill the clear skies with music. by the way, did you catch the "coexist" sticker on the back of his guitar?

anyway, before anyone walked onstage, there was a video montage of various clips of G.W. on the screens. their tech guys somehow found a way to dub in Bush saying "Don't take our boys to war." very clever.

Franti's hold on the audience fascinates me: when he says jump, we jump. ever seen a throbbing, singing mountain side? i have.

i don't have an "official" set-list yet, but here is what i do know:
"Hey Now Now"
"To the East, To the West"
Carl Young's always amazing bass solo
a carribean-laced "Toxic Radio"
"To the East, To the West" reprise
(on acoustic)
"Sweet Little Lies"
(back to electric)
"Stay Human"
"In the Middle" <-- "if i don't have enemies than i'm not doing my job"
"Red, Red Wine"
"Get Up, Stand Up"
"Stir It Up"
"Ganja Babe" over "Stir It Up" beats
"Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong"
"Rock the Nation"
"What I Got"
Sesame Street/Rainbow Connection Medley
"Light Up Ya Lighter"
"I Know I'm Not Alone"
"Yell Fire!"
"One Step Closer"
"Everybody On'a Move"

highlights: i had never seen Mr. Carl come up and take over vocals, so seeing him do it on "Red, Red Wine" was really cool. he just oozes smooth, even from the perspective of a person standing in a crowd of thousands.
-the Sesame Street/Rainbow Connection has become a standard in the Spearhead set- it never fails to bring the entire crowd together. the person standing next to you is your best friend, strangers hug strangers- i call it the "Franti Effect."
-"Sweet Little Lies" never fails to get me. i could explain it further, but i'd rather you find out for yourself.

...i'll have pictures soon. i promise.


Morgan said...

OMG!!! Was that really his set list?! I am not veryyy upset that I did not go!!! PICTURESS PLEASEEE!!

Get me a flower :)

Thanks for the updates

Morgan said...

I mean I am VERYYY upset that I wasn't able to come. haha

Peace & love