Friday, July 13, 2007

day 1

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here's what it's about: bob weir just made a surprise appearance on the Rope-A-Dope stage alongside Jay Lane, Jeff Chimenti, Mark Karan, Kenny Brooks and Robin Sylvester as Ratdog gears up for their set tonight. Brian Stoltz was also there to help stop the rain and bring us back our sunshine. i hardly noticed that i was in a downpour, to be perfectly honest.

then someone's light bulb clicked on- take weir's line, mesh it with Lane's beat... hey, let's bring out a rapper. why not? so they did. (nobody seems to know his name, however. i'll have it for you shortly.)

...obviously Jay Lane's Ratdog Experiment was a surprise. word on the mountain is that it was only yesterday (thursday) that the guys decided to get together onstage; great decision if i've ever heard one. i think i speak for everyone when i say thanks to Bob for that rainbow that just appeared over the entire festival.

(my camera just died- any chance someone has pics of the rainbow?)


Anonymous said...

So what, this festival ended on Day 1? Where are the updates and what happened to the other nine bands that were playing? Lack of coverage on anything other than the Grateful Dead? And by the way, Dark Star is not an incarnation of the Grateful Dead, they are a tribute. Fact checking is a journalist's best friend

Samantha Spector said...

normally this would not merit a response, but:

incarnation: 1. an incarnate being or form.
2. a living being embodying a deity or spirit.
3. assumption of human form or nature.
4. the Incarnation, (sometimes lowercase) Theology. the doctrine that the second person of the Trinity assumed human form in the person of Jesus Christ and is completely both God and man.
5. a person or thing regarded as embodying or exhibiting some quality, idea, or the like: The leading dancer is the incarnation of grace.

don't get caught up in the language, man.