Friday, July 6, 2007

get ready to get down!

Hey there Party People,

The 11th All Good Music Festival is less than a week away and I just wanted to extend a hand, a wave and a digital welcome. I'll be onsite all week, bringing you real-time updates, photos and anything else I can think of to bring the music- and the spirit of All Good- to you. After the festival, keep checking back for more updates, set-lists, onsite interviews and much more.

On behalf of the entire staff, I wish you safe travels, blue skies and sun-shiny days. See you on the mountain!



Anonymous said...

Standing by to read up...hope you have good weather...unlike that Richie Havens concert David and I were at a few years ago....Allan

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to All-Good! HELLS YEAH!

Anonymous said...

love following this page but every time I try a link to a photographers web page, it doesnt work...can you fix it? Thanks for keeping us posted

Samantha Spector said...

hey man, so sorry- i never actually thought to check the links. i'll get on that right now... until then, just try copy and pasting the URLs.

and thanks for reading, i really appreciate it !